Graduate School of Language Education & Information Science

Graduate Schools at Kinugasa

The Graduate School of Language Education & Information Science is a professional school that combines the study of language instruction, linguistics and communications studies. The school was established in April of 2003 and provides high level training for future Japanese and English language instructors who plan to teach at home or abroad.

Language Education Course

The English Education Program gives students practical training and develops their communication skills. Teaming up with the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, the program offers students the chance to receive TESOL qualification.

For working professionals, the program offers evening and weekend classes in a special two-year program. Furthermore, the Distance Education system allows you to take classes in realtime at our locations in Osaka (Yodoyabashi), Kyoto, and Shiga.

The Japanese Education Program trains future Japanese language teachers through both lecture and practicum the skills they need to be prepared in both a Japanese and international classroom.

Language Information Course

Building on theoretical linguistic skills and emphasizing sociolinguistic fieldwork and computer-aided corpus linguistics, this course trains researchers to investigate current topics in language learning and Information Technology and Communication (ITC).

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