Inter-Faculty Institute for International Studies

International Law & Business Program

This program fosters human resources who are equipped to succeed as legal specialists in international business, well-versed in world economics, social systems and culture, and especially in foreign and domestic law. We enhance English skills as students study essential subjects related to international business activities including international trade law and intellectual property law, in addition to domestic law.

International Community Program

This program fosters leaders with the capacity to demonstrate energy and flexibility in contributing to the solution of a range of problems in international activities with international aid organizations, NGOs, and NPOs. Participants gain the confidence and ability to actively participate in efforts to address the issues facing modern international society.

International Civil Service Program

We foster human resources who can work in an administrative capacity with international organizations, including the United Nations and World Bank, and Japanese international aid organizations, including the Japan International Cooperation Agency and Japan External Trade Organization. We offer invaluable learning opportunities to learn how to work in an international organization, including inviting UN employees as guest speakers.

International Social Welfare Program

We foster human resources who can practically utilize a spirit of co-existence as they display the capacity to engage with social welfare-related issues at the forefront of international society with international businesses and organizations and globally-active NGOs and NPOs. We offer a range of specialized courses to deepen understanding of welfare from a global perspective.

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