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Information about cultural exchange opportunities between international students and Japanese students are provided, and also, event information for international students are always updated here. Please join!

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■Financial Aid Offered by Ritsumeikan University

The AY 2018 Ritsumeikan University Financial Aid for Intercultural Exchange

An application period is scheduled to be held for the 2018 edition of the Ritsumeikan University Financial Aid for Intercultural Exchange.

The Ritsumeikan University Financial Aid for Intercultural Exchange offers financial assistance to individual Ritsumeikan University students, or RU student groups, to support extracurricular activities where the objective is some form of international cultural exchange (exchange between peoples of different backgrounds and cultures). The fund was established with the objective of promoting international exchange in order to foster mutual understanding between the event participants of various backgrounds, to improve understanding of different cultures, and to develop a mindset of multicultural coexistence.

-About the Application Period
Spring Semester Application Period: Fri June 15 – Tue Thu June 26 28, 2018, 17:00
*Update: June 20
Due to the Monday June 18 earthquake, OIC is closed from Tue June 18 to Sun June 24 for repairs and safety checks of the buildings and facilities. Classes at OIC have also been cancelled during this period, so the submission deadline at all campuses has been extended to 17:00 on Thursday, June 28.
In addition, the Guidance Session scheduled to be held at OIC on Wednesday June 20 from 12:15 to 12:45 has been postponed, and instead will be held on Mon June 25 from 12:15 to 12:45, as described below.

-Application Guidelines and Application Form
1) Application Guidelines
2) Application Form
3) Estimated Expense Form
4) Handbook for Applying for Financial Aid
5) Regulations
*Do not edit the format of the Application Form (Form 1) or Estimated Expense Form (Form 2)

All inquiries should be directed to the International Center on your campus.
*Students who are currently studying abroad outside of Japan who cannot visit the center to submit an application should contact the center at the contact email below.

Any inquiries regarding this financial aid should be directed to In your inquiry, please include your student ID number and name.

*Guidance Session
During the guidance session an explanation of the basics of the Financial Aid and how to apply will be given. Any students considering applying for this Financial Aid are strongly recommended to attend, however, please note that attendance/absence at the guidance session will have no effect on the screening process for this Financial Aid.
Date: Wed June 20, 2018
Time: 12:15 ~ 12:45
Place: Kinugasa: Kinugasa International Center
BKC: BKC International Center
OIC: Classroom AS 368
 For OIC Students
Due to the Mon June 18 earthquake, the OIC campus and classes are closed and cancelled from Tue June 18 to Sun June 24. As such, the OIC Guidance Session will be postponed and held as follows.
Date: Mon June 25
Time: 12:15 ~ 12:45
Place: OIC: Classroom AS 368

Information about events coordinated by International Center and Tutors for International Students Assembly (TISA), and cultural exchange events coordinated by other various groups are posted on a bulletin board at International Center and CAMPUS WEB.

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