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Information about cultural exchange opportunities between international students and Japanese students are provided, and also, event information for international students are always updated here. Please join!

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■Financial Aid Offered by Ritsumeikan University

Applications guidelines and forms for the Ritsumeikan University Financial Aid for Intercultural Exchange, Fall Semester application window, are now online.

The Ritsumeikan University Financial Aid for Intercultural Exchange offers funding to support extracurricular activities for events and projects organized by individual Ritsumeikan University students, or RU student groups, where the objective is proactive intercultural exchange (exchange between peoples of different backgrounds and cultures). The application for this semester will be held as follows.

-About the Application Period
Fall Semester Application Period: Wed, October 2, 2019 - 17:00 on Tue, October 8, 2019 (Japan Time)

-Application Guidelines and Application Forms
1) Application Guidelines
2) Application Form (form 1) *Fill in pink sections. (Do not fill in or edit the formatting of other sections)
3) Estimated Expense Form (form 2) *Fill in pink sections. (Do not fill in or edit the formatting of other sections)
4) Handbook for Applying for Financial Aid
5) Regulations

*In addition to the handbook, the following two samples may be helpful when filling out the application forms.
- Application Form SAMPLE
- Estimated Expense Form SAMPLE

All inquiries regarding this financial aid or forms should be sent to For inquiries set the subject of your email as “Question: Financial Aid for Intercultural Exchange” and clearly state your name and student ID number at the start of your email.

-Submitting an Application
The individual student or leader of the group which is applying should submit an application from their university email account. An Application Form, Estimated Expense Form, and document proof of any predicted expenditures and/or income must be attached. The subject of the email should be “Application: Financial Aid for Intercultural Exchange”.
Submit Applications to the International Center via email at:

-Guidance Session
At the Guidance Session some pointers will be given on how to fill out the application forms. Interested applicants who are unsure of how to fill out the application or who aren’t yet sure if they want to apply or not are encouraged to attend. Let it be understood that attendance at the Guidance Session will have no role in deciding which applications are selected for financial aid and which are turned down.
Date: Tue, October 1, 2019
Time: 12:20 ~ 12:50
Place: Kinugasa: Yoyokan Hall Room 407
BKC: Core Station Room 4
OIC: Classroom AN328

※About inquiring directly at the International Center helpdesk
Questions about application documents or consultation regarding the event/project you have in mind may be made at the International Center during the times below. We encourage you to come and ask any questions you have before applying.
Inquiry Period: Fri, Septemer 27 – 17:00 on Fri, October 4

・Inquiries at the International Center are only accepted during hours when the help desk is open.
・Please undederstand that you will not be able to make any inquiries and will be asked to visit the center again at another time if the person in charge of the financial aid is away from the center when you visit.

Information about events coordinated by International Center and Tutors for International Students Assembly (TISA), and cultural exchange events coordinated by other various groups are posted on a bulletin board at International Center and CAMPUS WEB.

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