Community and Regional Policy Studies Major (CRPS)

After Admission

Once you have completed your application and are admitted to RU, you must take the following steps.

From 2018 Entry, Ritsumeikan University is introducing the online application/enrollment system, "Ritsu-Mate". Please refer to the Enrollment Procedure Handbook I and II which will be sent to successful applicants along with result notification and enrollment documents respectively.


Receive notification of acceptance

The University sends out the results to the applicants by registered mail to addresses in Japan, or by courier to addresses outside Japan. Application numbers of applicants who are accepted into the University will be available on the Admissions top page of this website from 10:00 am on the result notification date (JST) for reference. The University will not provide any information regarding results by any other means, such as phone, fax, or e-mail.

Enclosed documents include:

  • Scholarship award notification (if applicable)
  • Enrollment Procedure Handbook I for Successful Applicants
  • Information about university accommodation


Payment of Admission Fee

Pay the Admission Fee (300,000 yen) during the specified period. Please note that once it has been received, the Admission Fee cannot be refunded under any circumstance.


Payment of University Fees

Pay the University Fees (Separate from the Admission Fee) and Membership Fees during the specified period. It is possible for students to pay the Admission Fee and University Fees together.


Submit Certificate of Eligibility (COE) application and relevant documents
(if applicable)

Non-Japanese who intend to stay in Japan for an extended period are required to apply for a visa at a Japanese Embassy or Consulate in the country they currently reside in before travelling to Japan. In general, non-Japanese who intend to study as an international student at a Japanese university will apply for the status of residence of ‘Student’.

When students submit the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) application to the University and the University confirms the payment of the necessary fees and submission of all the required documents by the deadline, Ritsumeikan University then will apply at the Japanese Immigration Bureau on behalf of the applicant (only when requirements are met).

The University will only apply for a COE on behalf of a student if the student intends to acquire the residence status of ‘Student’. If you intend to enter Japan with a visa other than a ‘Student’ visa please apply on your own.

*People who possess Japanese nationality and non-Japanese living in Japan with a valid status of residence do not need to apply for COE.

* Application documents for COE can be downloaded here.


Application for University Accommodation

International Students of English-medium Undergraduate Programs are guaranteed a space in off-campus apartments or a student dormitory near the campus. Students may also choose to find accommodation on their own.


Receive COE from the University (if applicable)

The Japanese Immigration Bureau issues the COE. The COE is sent to the University, and then the University sends the COE to the student. Please note that the COE is issued by the Japanese Immigration Bureau and the University will bear no responsibility if a COE is not issued due to the applicant’s circumstances.


Apply for College Student Visa at the nearest Japanese Embassy/Consulate
(if applicable)

To apply for the visa you will need the COE, Confirmation of Scheduled Enrollment and your passport. Please contact the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General of Japan in your country for details.


Receive ‘Enrollment Procedures Guidelines’

Enrollment Procedures Handbook II will be sent to you by the University approximately two months prior to enrollment dates.


Submit Enrollment Documents (approx. one month prior to enrollment date)

Students need to submit all the required Enrollment Documents by the specified dates.


Fly to Japan!

Once your visa is issued, it is time to make arrangements for your arrival!Students usually come to RU around 2 weeks prior to the beginning of classes.

There will be an orientation and entrance ceremony to help you adjust to life at RU.Attendance of the Orientation is compulsory.

There is various support available at RU for student academic and daily life.


The information on this page describes the steps that successful applicants have to undertake after they are offered a place at the University. Further information regarding Enrollment Procedures will be provided in the ‘Enrollment Procedures Handbook for Successful Applicants’ and ‘Enrollment Procedures Guidelines’ which will be sent to successful applicants. Please make sure that you read both documents carefully.