Global Studies Major (GS)

After Admission

Congratulations on being offered a place at Ritsumeikan University!
This page is for the successful applicants for Global Studies Major. Once you are admitted to RU, you must complete the necessary procedures following the instruction below.

Overview of Enrollment Procedures
There are two parts to complete. Please get started with PART1 immediately after admission.


Step1 Pay your Fee
Step2 Submit COE application and relevant documents by Ritsu-Mate and by post


  • Complete Online Enrollment Procedure by Ritsu-Mate
  • Submit Enrollment documents by post

All enrollment procedures must be completed during each specified period.
You will use "Ritsu-Mate" when uploading COE related documents and completing Online Enrollment Procedure.

Click each section below for details.

PART1 Step1

Pay your Fee

At Ritsumeikan University, fees consist of the following:

  • Admission Fee 200,000 yen
  • Tuition Fee(s)
* Miscellaneous Membership Fees are collected along with Tuition Fees. Details can be found on the Application Handbook.

Pay the Admission Fee and Tuition Fee(s) during the specified period. The University will not accept any remittance after the period in any circumstances. It is possible for students to pay the Admission Fee and Tuition Fees together within the Admission Fee payment period.

The actual amount of Tuition Fee(s) you will have to pay may differ depending on the students (if, for example, you have been awarded a scholarship).

How to check the percentage of Tuition Reduction you are honored
Type A: <Accepted to the university without any further screening>
   Please check the Notification of Award enclosed in result notification package.
Type B: <Invited for Interview>
   Please check in Ritsu-Mate or the Notification of Award enclosed in result notification package.

 Please refer to “How to Make Payment of Fees” below for details of the actual amount you need to pay, payment methods and payment periods.

How to Make Payment of Fees 
Click on the relevant link below for the Enrollment and the tuition reduction percentage you are honored.


"Tuition Reduction Scheme"
you are honored

April 2021

N/A 20% 50% 100%

September 2021

N/A 20% 50% 100%

* Bank Transfer Information

* Refund of Tuition Fee When a Student Cancels Enrollment

* Appropriation of Paid Enrollment Fees

PART1 Step2

Submit Academic Transcript, English Score and Certificate of Eligibility (COE) application

Following instruction is for September 2021 students. 
Instruction for April 2022 students will be released by mid-November 2021.

  • All successful applicants who have paid all designated fees by deadlines and expecting to make enrollment on September 2021 must submit a set of documents.  The documents to be submitted differs depending on your status.  Take a look at following list and choose the one fit to you.

Submission of only Academic Transcript and English Score are required:

  • Students with Japanese nationality
  • Submission of another set of documents are required in addition to Academic Transcript and English Score:

  • Student who already have Japanese Residence Card (在留カード) or Special Permanent Resident Card (特別永住者証明書) 
  • Students who do not have Japanese Residence Card (在留カード)
  • If you already have COE but could not get your visa due to COVID-19, let us know by emailing to

    If you have any question on COE and "Status of Residence", consult with Information Centers provided by Immigration Services Agency (Formerly Immigration Bureau of Japan) office and follow their instruction.
    List of Information Centers:

    * Cancellation of enrollment after applying for COE


    Online Enrollment Procedure/Submit Enrollment documents

    • Complete Online Enrollment Procedure by Ritsu-Mate
    • Submit Enrollment documents by post

    The student who has completed enrollment procedures PART1 have to complete PART2 during March 8 - March 17, 2021 for April 2021 Enrollment / during August 24 - September 6, 2021 for September 2021 Enrollment.

    You must fill in all of these forms accurately, provide required supporting documents and return them during the period specified. These documents should be sent by registered mail, if you live in Japan, or by courier (DHL, FedEx, OCS, etc), if you live outside Japan.

    To start your Enrollment Procedure click HERE


    Information for University Accommodation

    International Students of English-medium Undergraduate Programs are guaranteed a space in off-campus apartments or a student dormitory near the campus. Students may also choose to find accommodation on their own.