Information Systems Science and Engineering Course (ISSE)

After Admission

Congratulations on being offered a place at Ritsumeikan University!
This page is for the successful applicants for ISSE course. Once you are admitted to RU, you must complete the necessary procedures following the instruction below.

Overview of Enrollment Procedures
There are two parts to complete. Please get started with PART1 immediately after admission.


Step1 Pay your Fee
Step2 Submit COE application and relevant documents by Ritsu-Mate and by post

* Step2 is applicable for Non-Japanese Students


  • Complete Online Enrollment Procedure by Ritsu-Mate
  • Submit Enrollment documents by post

All enrollment procedures must be completed during each specified period.
You will use "Ritsu-Mate" when uploading COE related documents and completing Online Enrollment Procedure.

Click each section below for details.

PART1 Step1

Pay your Fee

At Ritsumeikan University, fees consist of the following:

  • Admission Fee 300,000 yen
  • Tuition Fee(s)
* Miscellaneous Membership Fees are collected along with Tuition Fees. Details can be found on the Application Handbook.

Pay the Admission Fee and Tuition Fee(s) during the specified period. The University will not accept any remittance after the period in any circumstances. It is possible for students to pay the Admission Fee and Tuition Fees together within the Admission Fee payment period.

The actual amount of Tuition Fee(s) you will have to pay may differ depending on the students (if, for example, you have been awarded a scholarship).
Please check the percentage of tuition reduction you are honored in Ritsu-Mate and refer to “How to Make Payment of Fees” below for details of the actual amount you need to pay, payment methods and payment periods.

How to Make Payment of Fees
Click on the relevant link below for the Notification of Result date that you have received and tuition reduction percentage you are honored.


of Results

"Tuition Reduction Scheme"
you are honored

 Period 1  2019/4/18 N/A 20% 50% 100%
 TBA  TBA N/A 20% 50% 100%

* Bank Transfer Information

Repayment of Tuition Fee(s) When a Student Cancels Enrollment

PART1 Step2

Submit Certificate of Eligibility (COE) application and relevant documents

Non-Japanese who intend to stay in Japan for an extended period are required to apply for a visa at a Japanese Embassy or Consulate in the country they currently reside in before travelling to Japan. In general, non-Japanese who intend to study as an international student at a Japanese university will apply for the status of residence of ‘Student’.

After the University confirms the payment of the necessary fees and submission of all the required documents by the deadline, Ritsumeikan University then will apply at the Immigration Services Agency on behalf of the applicant (only when requirements are met). The procedure may differ depending on your current status as below: 

Students who DO NOT have Japanese nationality and are living OUTSIDE Japan
  You are required to apply for COE. Details will be announced around mid November.

Students who DO NOT have Japanese nationality and are already living in Japan with a current status of residence
  You are not required to apply for COE. Details will be announced around mid November.

Students with Japanese nationality
  You do not need to submit any of COE related documents.

* Cancellation of enrollment after applying for COE


Online Enrollment Procedure/Submit Enrollment documents

  •   Complete Online Enrollment Procedure by Ritsu-Mate
  •   Submit Enrollment documents by post
The student who has completed enrollment procedures PART1 have to complete PART2 during 2020/3/5 Thu.-2020/3/17 Tue.

In February 2020, Enrollment Documents including COE will be sent (some of them will be downloaded from the web) to students who have completed enrollment procedures PART1.

You must fill in all of these forms accurately, provide required supporting documents and return them during the period specified. These documents should be sent by registered mail, if you live in Japan, or by courier (DHL, FedEx, OCS, etc) or registered airmail (EMS), if you live outside Japan.

Detail will be released around February 2020.


Information for University Accommodation

International Students of English-medium Undergraduate Programs are guaranteed a space in off-campus apartments or a student dormitory near the campus. Students may also choose to find accommodation on their own.

  • Policy on Handling of Personal Information
  • Contact / Submit Documents to:

    Ritsumeikan University, International Admissions Office
    Address: 56-1 Tojiin Kitamachi, Kita-ku, Kyoto 603-8577 (or 603-8346), Japan
    Tel: +81-75-465-8162 (Monday-Friday/ 9:00-17:30 Japan Standard Time)