College of Information Science and Engineering
How to Apply for
Information Systems Science and Engineering Course(ISSE)

Below is a summary of the application information. For full details please read the Application Handbook carefully. All the information you need to complete the application is written in the Handbook.

Admissions Schedule & Number of Students Accepted

April Enrollment

AO Admissions for ISSE
Enrollment Date Application Period Notification of Results

Number of Students


April.1, 2019


2018/2/16 Fri.-
2018/3/9 Fri.
2018/4/19 Thu.



2018/8/31 Fri.-
2018/9/20 Thu.  

2018/11/8 Thu.


2018/11/2 Fri.-
2018/11/20 Tue.  

2018/12/20 Thu.

April.1, 2020


2019/2/15 Fri.-
2019/3/7 Thu.
2019/4/18 Thu.


・*1 The other Application Periods for 2020 enrollment are scheduled to be announced in May, 2019.

・*2 This number is allocated for all application periods for 2020 enrollment.

・We do not offer September enrollment for ISSE.


Applicants MUST fulfill ALL of the following three requirements.

1.Eligibility for Nationality

Applicants must possess non-Japanese nationality. Those who possess only Japanese nationality can apply if, by the time of enrollment, they have graduated or are to graduate from high schools/ senior secondary schools located abroad.

Applicants who possess only Japanese nationality who have graduated/are to graduate from Japanese high schools can take a different entrance examination for this course. Refer to the website from here.

2. Eligibility for Academics

Applicants must fulfill one of the following requirements.

  1. Applicants must have completed, before the enrollment date at Ritsumeikan University, a standard 12-year course curriculum, or an equivalent curriculum as designated by the Minister of MEXT.
  2. Applicants must have reached 18 years of age before the enrollment date at Ritsumeikan University, for those who fall into the following categories:

  3. a. Possess an International Baccalaureate Diploma, Abitur, or Baccalaureate
    b. Complete a 12-year curriculum at a school for international students (accredited by WASC, CIS, ACSI, MEXT etc.)
    c. Pass High School Equivalency Exam

    *For further details, please consult the Application Handbook which you can download from the top of this page.

3. Eligibility for English Proficiency

In order to demonstrate sufficient English ability, applicants must take one of the tests listed below and achieve at least the minimum score indicated below by the time of application. ( Applicants whose most recent six years of formal education before the enrollment date were conducted entirely in English do not need to submit the test scores listed above. However, the University may request evidence that education at the student’s school is delivered in English.)



 (Academic Module)


 L&R Test

530 71 5.5 730

*The English tests must have been taken within the two-year period prior to the start date of the application period that the applicant applies for and the test score must be available during the application period.
*The University does not accept institutional tests such as TOEFL ITP®Test or TOEIC® IP Test.
*TOEIC® and TOEFL® are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS).

Application Documents

Applicants must submit the completed application forms and necessary supporting documents. Certain documents must be submitted online (via "Ritsu-Mate") while other documents must be submitted by post.

Please consult an illustrated flow chart in the Application Handbook which you can download from the top of this page.

1. Documents to be uploaded

  • Application Sheet 
  • Registration Form
  • Application Essays
  • Documents Proving English Proficiency
  • Evidence of  Application Fee Payment*
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Awards in mathematics, science, and computer programming (optional)   

  • *Only applicable for bank transfer or convenience store payment

2. Documents to be uploaded or posted

  • Documents proving that you meet the university entrance eligibility requirements
  • Academic Transcripts

3. Documents to be posted

  • Two Letters of Reference

Application Fee

The University will not accept an application unless we are able to confirm receipt of the Application Fee by the designated application deadline.

Application fee is 5,000 Yen.

Please pay the application fee by bank transfer in Japanese yen from a financial institution or via "Ritsu-Mate" by credit card, convenience store (only in Japan), PayPal, or Alipay.

How to make payment


When making a payment by credit card, convenience store(only in Japan), Paypal, or Alipay, an additional 500 yen is charged, therefore, the total transaction amount is 5,500 yen.
To make a transaction, visit the Ritsu-Mate and follow the instructions.

You must submit a photocopy of the receipt, along with other application documents, if you make a payment at a convenience store.

2. Yen-denominated wire transfer from a financial institution outside of Japan

  • Amount to Transfer: 7,500 yen (5,000 yen for the application fee and 2,500 yen for bank commission in Japan)
  • Type of Transfer: Telegraphic Transfer Remittance
  • Purpose of Transfer: Application Fee Payment
  • Contact Information: Name of Applicant
  • Branch Name: Kyoto Branch
  • Account Name: Ritsumeikan University
  • Account Number: 5408448
  • Branch Address: 8 Naginatabokocho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 6008008 JAPAN
  • Branch Telephone Number: +81-75-211-4131
  • Transfer Fees: To be paid by applicant

3. Yen-denominated wire transfer from a financial institution in Japan

  • Amount to Transfer: 5,000 yen
  • Type of Transfer: Telegraphic Transfer Remittance
  • Purpose of Transfer: Application Fee Payment
  • Branch Name: 京都支店 (Kyoto Branch)
  • Account Type: 普通(Futsu/ Savings Account)
  • Account Number: 5408448
  • Account Name: 立命館大学(リツメイカンダイガク)
  • Sender’s name: Applicant’s name
  • Transfer Fees: To be paid by applicant

Submitting Application Documents

Certain application documents must be submitted online(via "Ritsu-Mate") while other documents must be submitted by post. Please consult the Application Handbook for further details.

  • Ritsumeikan University
  • International Admissions Office
  • 56-1 Toji-in Kitamachi, Kita-ku, Kyoto
  • 603-8577 (or 603-8346), Japan
  • Tel: +81-75-465-8162

Screening Process

The decision on an application will be made on the basis of a review of application documents.

Notification of Results

    Applicants will be notified of the results in the following three methods. The University will not provide any information regarding the results by phone, fax, or e-mail.

    1. Website
      Application numbers(*) of applicants who are accepted into the University will be available on the University's English website from 10:00 am (JST) on the result notification date for one week.
      *Your Application number will be shown in the ‘Examination Sheet’ available for download from ‘Ritsu-Mate’ from 10:00 AM (JST) on the previous day of the result notification date. 
    2. Ritsu-Mate
      The screening result of the applicant can be confirmed from the "Examination Result" button on the "Ritsu-Mate" from 10:00 am (JST) on the result notification date.
    3. Postal Mail
      The University notifies the results to the successful applicants by registered mail to addresses in Japan or by courier to addresses outside of Japan. The results are sent out in the afternoon of the result notification dates.

After Admissions

Once you have completed your application and are admitted to RU, you must take these steps.