Students who are yet to be assessed for the academic hurdle requirement may withdraw from courses without academic penalty through regular and late withdrawals. Withdrawing from courses can affect their graduation date, since students may need to retake courses they have withdrawn in future terms.

Regular Approved Withdrawal

Regular withdrawals are early intervention measure taken during the 5th and 6th weeks of the semesters before the assessment of the hurdle requirement to ensure that students will pass the hurdle to qualify for the dual degree. In this system, instructors teaching GLA courses report to the AAC about students who may be in danger of failing the course based on the students' performance as of the 5th week. The AAC will then reach out to students to arrange an academic consultation in the following weeks. If a student decides to apply for a regular withdrawal as a result of the AAC advising and if it is approved by the GLA Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, the student withdraws from the course without any grade assigned.

Late Approved Withdrawal

Late withdrawals may be granted to students who encounter unavoidable circumstances beyond their control that impede their successful completion of a course where the circumstances occur or are exacerbated after the 8th week of the semester. The application from students is therefore accepted between 9th and 12th week of the semesters before the assessment of the hurdle requirement. If approved, the student can withdraw from the course without any grade assigned.