For Parents and Families

Professor Tsutomu Kanayama

College of Global Liberal Arts, Ritsumeikan University

Photo of Tsutomu Kanayama
Tsutomu Kanayama
Dean, College of Global Liberal Arts

Deciding where your son and daughter will go to college is a crucial matter for your family. We understand that you want your son and daughter to have a fulfilling college experience and follow a process of personal growth and a career path in the future.

In doing so, parents and guardians want the university to provide son and daughter with the best of the bests in precious campus life. You also want them to grow up with a wealth of knowledge and the academic skills to go along with it.

The unprecedented conditions occurring in today’s globalized society also pose a question to parents and guardians about whether their son and daughter can retain the possibility of global learning in college.

Today, choosing a university is no longer a matter of absolute security once you have achieved admission. What is more important is the kind of quality education a university provides for future development with students, ultimately leading to their prospectus global leaders in a globalized society.

The College of Global Liberal Arts (GLA) is committed to providing your son and daughter with quality education and a place to be intellectually challenged by providing commensurate academic and student life support.

The successful intensive and rewarding four-year university experience provides students with a passport to become global leaders. Seeking the study of a dual degree (Ritsumeikan University’s Bachelor of Liberal Arts and the Australian National University’s Bachelor of Asia Pacific Affairs) with immense and unceasing intellectual enthusiasm will continue to inspire your son and daughter.

The GLA is committed to working with parents and guardians to help their children look to the future and change the world. We will work together to ensure that they have the opportunity to meet experienced diplomats, global business leaders, and entrepreneurs, who they will respect and be able to work with to make a difference.

It will expose students to the role models they will aspire to in their future life and provide students with a strong motivation to learn and an image of who students want to be in the future.

Established in 2019 at a pivotal place in the Asia Pacific region, GLA will always be there with your son and daughter. We are opening new doors to professional career success in every imaginable field. Let us all move forward together, welcoming the new world, and embracing the changing world.