Advising Appointment

Advising appointment requests are currently handled via email. To schedule an appointment, please send an email to with the following information. You can also use the PDF Request form below.

For student identification purposes, please be sure to use the University email address; unless otherwise, an appointment will not be scheduled.

Fall 2020 AAC office hours are indicated below. Students are welcome to drop-in during the office hours, though an advisor may not be available for immediate assistance if there is an appointment scheduled in advance.

Required Information

  • Student ID
  • Student Name
  • Preferred advising date and time
    • 1st preference
    • 2nd preference
    • 3rd preference
    • Please also let us know if none of the office hours given below works.
  • Preferred advisor (if any)
  • List of your questions / discussion topics (e.g. next semester course selection)

Fall 2020 Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1st Period

2nd Period C Johnson

3rd Period C Johnson Y Ishihara
GP Marques
4th Period
Y Ishihara

5th Period

GP Marques