Academic Advising

Academic Counseling

While studies at GLA and courses for the Dual Degree Program require students to plan their study over the span of four years, students will also need support to help them adjust their academic plans with flexibility according to shifts in their interests.

GLA offers an Academic Advising Center to help students chart their own path of study. Here, students are able to consult academic counselors on drafting their academic plans according to their individual performance.

On-line learning portfolio

When a student comes in to the Academic Advising Center to review their academic plans, they must be able to reflect back on their studies, and the counselor must be able to grasp the circumstances around their studies.

The online learning portfolio is useful for this. The student's learning record is captured as data and helps counselors review academic plans and allows them to provide more apt guidance.

Seminars on academic skills

The Academic Advising Center offers not only individual counseling on courses, but also offers many types of seminars and workshops.

For example, university students need to study and plan their studies differently compared to their high school studies. It is understandable that some students are flustered at first. In that case, for example, by attending seminars to learn time management skills would be an effective way to resolve the issue.

University students are also assigned to write many essays and reports, for which there are academic rules to follow. Writing skills seminars may be of great help for learning these rules, which is crucial to producing intellectual output.

In addition, students may become interested in advancing to graduate school for research and education, or beyond, such as to work as specialists in international organizations or to build their careers in a global business environment. For such students, it is recommended that they attend seminars on advancement to graduate school to learn how to find suitable graduate schools and gather information on eligibility and requirements.

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