Ayako Matsuda

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Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley

amr17101 [at] fc.ritsumei.ac.jp (Replace "[at]" with "@")
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Tuesday 9:00-10:00 (All office hours are conducted via Zoom until further notice.)


  • 2013 Ph.D. in Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Berkeley
  • 2011 M.Sc. in Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Berkeley
  • 2007 M.A. in Economics, the University of Tokyo
  • 2005 B.A. in Liberal Arts, the University of Tokyo

Message to Students

You make a lot of decisions in your whole life. Studying economics will help you make better choices when deciding which products you should buy, which job you should take, and how much of your income you should spend or save. Additionally, economics covers a diverse range of contemporary issues including public policies, income inequality and poverty, the environment, population, employment, finance, business cycle, trade, migration, politics and history. By studying economics in combination with other fields of study at GLA, you will be exposed to a broad knowledge and be able to build a strong foundation for critical and logical thinking.

Courses Taught

  • Institutionalism in Social Studies
  • Evolution of Market Economy
  • Human Security in Developing Societies
  • Research Seminar I & II
  • Thesis
  • Capstone Studies in Development and Social Change

Evolution of Market Economy

In the first part of this course, students will learn basic concepts of microeconomics, such as supply and demand, market economy, efficiency-equality trade-off, welfare, surplus, market failure, institutions and public policies. The second part of this course provides an overview of historical development of market and market economy. We will discuss what kind of markets, policies and institutions have been developed, and how good they have been for consumers, producers or society as a whole through a combination of lectures, students’ presentations and discussions.

Research Interests

Development Microeconomics, Applied Microeconometrics, Index Insurance, Financial Inclusion, Household Economics

Farmers around the world face a variety of socio-economic problems. My research is to analyze data related to these problems and seek solutions by applying economic and econometric models. In particular, I am interested in i) how farmers in developing countries hedge weather risk by purchasing "index insurance" to improve household welfare, ii) how women in developing countries are financially included in society with focus on their financial and household management, iii) how rural households in pre-war Japan reacted against the great depression by dissaving, and changing labor supply or income portfolio.

Supervision Information

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Representative Publications

  • Ayako Matsuda and Takashi Kurosaki (2019) "Demand for temperature and rainfall index insurance in India," Agricultural Economics, 50(3): 353-366.
  • Ayako Matsuda, Kazushi Takahashi and Munenobu Ikegami (2019) "Direct and Indirect Impacts of Index-based Livestock Insurance in Southern Ethiopia," The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice, forthcoming.
  • Yasuyuki Sawada, Ayako Matsuda and Hidemi Kimura (2012) "On the Role of Technical Cooperation in International Technology Transfers," Journal of International Development, 24, 316-340.