Greetings from the President

We are living in what has been called an era of diversity, but exclusion and conflict continue to occur. The world needs people who can respect others, understand their differences, and work together to tackle shared issues. Moreover, the advancement of information and communication technology (ICT) is also transforming how we view knowledge.

Last summer, the Ritsumeikan Academy formulated a vision for 2030 with the slogan of ‘Challenge Your Mind. Change Our Future’. It is a bold declaration of the challenge we will undertake precisely because we are living in an age when the future is difficult to forecast. What we need now is to find new meaning in the world and accumulate inspirational experiences that support this endeavor.

As places where people can experience joy and inspiration and the new possibilities and meaning these experiences bring, universities must continue to provide education and research to this end. It is my sincerest wish that Ritsumeikan University will contribute to humankind by searching for and creating new kinds of knowledge, presenting that knowledge to the world, and preserving it for posterity.

This April, we will open the College of Global Liberal Arts, whose curriculum will feature a dual degree with The Australian National University, making it the first such undergraduate college in Japan to achieve this. Going forward, we will strive to pursue hitherto unseen kinds of education and research.

Ritsumeikan is a comprehensive private academy with two universities, four junior and senior high schools, one primary school, and an overall enrollment of nearly 50,000 students in the five prefectures of Hokkaido, Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, and Oita. ‘Freedom and Innovation’ refers to creating a place where people can freely and enthusiastically pursue their studies.

Since our establishment in 1900, we have carried on this founding spirit extolled by Prince Saionji Kinmochi, our founding father, and Nakagawa Kojuro, his protégé and the founder of Ritsumeikan University. Given our global presence and roots in the local communities in which we operate, and based on our founding spirit, I will make every effort to ensure we become a globally recognized university. I look forward to working with you this year.

Yoshio Nakatani
Ritsumeikan University

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