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Let's View the Autumn Leaves Wearing Kimonos!

Students wear colorful kimonos in front of beautiful autumn foliage

Date: Nov 19th and 27th, 2022

On the 19th and again on the 27th of November, Beyond Borders Plaza (BBP) student staff who applied for and were granted the support of the Financial Aid for Intercultural Exchange held tours of the beautiful autumn foliage at Arashiyama, Kyoto. A lottery was employed to deal with the deluge of applications to participate in this event from students across Ritsumeikan's three campuses, and those students lucky enough to be chosen donned colorful kimonos and enjoyed the picturesque scenery as they toured the area. As fortune would have it, both dates proved warm with great weather for a stroll in the great outdoors.

Group photo of students in kimonos in front of a large tree

Students dressed in kimonos smile for a group photo in front of a bamboo forest

One of the organizers, BKC BBP Staffer Miku Shigyo (College of Life Sciences, junior), had this to say, “It was fantastic to receive more than 3 times the applications than the spots we had available for participation in these tours, but I do apologize to all those weren't selected and thus couldn't participate. In any case, we were lucky to have good sunny weather on both of our event dates, during which we succeeded in facilitating intercultural exchange whilst dressed in kimonos and enjoying the autumn foliage. For many of the participants it was their first time wearing a kimono. One thing that left a strong impression on me were students who had only just met for the first time getting very excited and taking photos together. I was also happy to hear many of the students saying things like "It was so fun" or "Please hold this event again".
In closing, to further promote intercultural exchange I'd like to continue planning many more events in the future. I offer a big thank you to all who participated and everyone who supported our program.”

*Masks were removed only during photo opportunities.

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