GLA Course Registration (GLARS)

Important Notice

Course Registration must occur online through “GLARS” (GLA Registration System) on a first-come, first-served basis.

Login information is available at the bottom of this page. Students must read the following explanation and the Course Registration Guidebook before logging in to GLARS and registering for courses.


GLA students will register for courses via GLARS. Students must check and follow the instruction in the “Course Registration Guidebook” before the course registration period begins. Students must log in to GLARS, manaba+R, and CAMPUS WEB in advance to avoid trouble.

  • Most classes have a maximum capacity of 25 students.
  • The Course Registration schedule will be GLA-specific and different from other colleges.
  • CAMPUS WEB will remain a student resource to check the registered courses, grades, number of earned credits, and relevant academic/personal records.

Course Registration Overview

Below is an overview of the course registration steps via GLARS.

Self Registration Period 1
Registration period for 2nd-year students or above

Self Registration Period 2
Registration for all students (including new students and 1st-year students)

Error Check by University

Optional Registration Period
Only for students who applied for optional registration.

Error Check by University

Course Cancellation Period
(Drop-only period)

End of the Course Registration Period / GLARS Closure

Course Registration Guidebook

As the introduction above explains, students must check and follow instructions in the “Course Registration Guidebook” before the course registration period begins. This guidebook is listed on the Forms and Student Manuals page.

Login Link for GLARS

Access the URL below and click “Login.” *Login will be available when the 1st self-registration period starts.

Login link:
Login ID / Password:
Your RAINBOW User ID and Password