On-Campus Resources

GLA Administrative Office (the GLA Office)

When GLA students need assistance but do not know where to contact, they are welcome to contact the GLA office for the necessary guidance.

Disability Resource Center (DRC)

Harassment Prevention Committee

Ritsumeikan University and Ritsumeikan Affiliated Schools advisers operate under the jurisdiction of the Harassment Prevention Committee to help complainants of harassment. If students are in need of help, they are welcome to contact the Committee for supports and guidance.

The Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs assists students for the Student Visa, International Dormitory, and other day-to-day questions about life in Japan.

1st floor, AN Office, OIC Campus

IT Support (Rainbow IT Support)

Technical supports regarding (but not limited to) the university email, manaba+R, Wi-Fi, printing services etc… are available to all students.

2nd floor, Building C

Library (OIC Library)

2nd Floor, Building B, OIC Campus

Medical Service Center

The Ritsumeikan Medical Service Center supports students, faculty and staff members to ensure that they can enjoy a high quality of health at university. The Medical Service Center provides the following services:

  • Annual medical examinations
  • Post-medical examination: re-examinations, detailed examinations, and health guidance by a doctor, nurse or public health nurse
  • Health consultation (mental and physical health consultation and other health-related consultation)
  • Medical care (internal medicine and psychiatry)
  • Study abroad support (antibody tests, vaccination, and issue of certificates)
  • Support for nursing-care experience, teaching practice, and clinical training (examinations and issuance of medical certificates)
  • Support for extracurricular activities (physical checkups for athletes)
  • Support for lab and practical experience (safety control)
  • Health education
  • Prevention of infectious diseases
  • First Aid treatment
  • Issue of health certificates
1st floor, AS office, OIC campus

Student Success Program (SSP) - the Office of Student Affairs

Administered by the Office of Student Affairs, the SSP will be offering seminars on academic skills such as time management, note-taking skills, and conducts both individual and group support in the form of seminars or workshops. The SSP also works with the Student Support Room (counseling) as well as Disability Resource Center.

AS office, OIC campus

Student Support Room (SSR) - Counseling Support

The SSR offers a range of psychological services including individual counseling, group work, and various workshops to help students accomplish their goals in the student life, restore balance, and build strength and increase their personal well-being. Certified and experienced professional counselors provide counseling services at the SSR in a strictly confidential setting.

Schedule an appointment at the Office of Student Affairs, AS office, OIC campus.

Writing Support

Knowing how to write well in academia is vital for students to be successful in their academic career. To assist students in strengthening their academic writing skills, GLA offers the Writing Coach and Writing Tutorial throughout the semester. Access the following website for more details and making reservations.