The study at the GLA is strongly premised on ensuring academic progress of each individual student according to his/her own long-term learning goals in the college's sequential curriculum. In order to provide a wide variety of opportunities for students to explore their academic interests, a course overload may be granted based on the following conditions and procedures.

Policy Statement

  1. For 2020 onwards, students are not eligible for course overload during the first term of their study at GLA. Cohort B students can apply for the course overload from their first semester at OIC (i.e., presumably, their 3rd semester in the dual degree program). This is not applicable to Cohort A students admitted in 2019.
  2. To be considered for an overload, students must satisfy all of the criteria outlined below.

    • An applicant has earned 16 credits or more in the preceding semester.
    • An applicant has achieved RU GPA of 3.0 or higher (out of 5.0) in the preceding semester. Cumulative GPA is not used in the evaluation process.

    Requirement for Cohort B students applying for an overload in their first semester at OIC

    • An applicant has earned the ANU units equivalent to the RU 16 credits.
    • An applicant has achieved RU GPA of 3.0 or higher (out of 5.0) converted from the ANU GPA in the preceding semester at ANU.
  3. An AAC advisor will meet with each applicant to make sure he/she meets the application requirement outlined above 2), and to confirm the submitted motivation statement does not contradict his/her long-term learning plan. A student can apply for a course overload even if he/she has withdrawn from GLA courses in the preceding semester, as far as the student has earned 16 or more credits in the same semester. However, permission for an overload is granted only when a reasonable explanation is given from the applicant about the withdrawal(s) and the advisor make sure he/she will not withdraw from any more course.
  4. Based on the report from the AAC, the final decision for approval shall be made by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.
  5. This policy is effective on March 1st, 2020 and applicable to students admitted in AY 2020 or later.
  6. Above (1) is not applied to For Cohort A students admitted in 2019.