Students who are yet to be assessed for the academic hurdle requirement and wish to discontinue a course after the course cancellation (drop) period has ended may withdraw during the time period specified below without academic penalty. Withdrawing from courses during the prescribed period may have serious consequences for academic progress to the degree, financial aid and/or scholarship eligibility, and (for international students) visa requirements. Students must consult with their instructors and academic advisors before withdrawing from a course.

The process of discontinuing enrollment in a course after the course cancellation (drop) period until the withdrawal deadline, usually the end of week eleven, is referred as withdrawing. The specific due date of withdrawal is indicated on the Academic Calendar provided by the Academic Advising Center every semester. A student is financially responsible for courses from which he/she has withdrawn.

Students who have been assessed for Academic & English hurdles cannot withdraw from courses. Students who changed to the Single Degree track before the Academic & English hurdle assessments cannot withdraw from courses, either.

[Course Withdrawal Procedure]

  1. Between week six and eight of each semester, the College conducts the Mid-Term Progress Rating, where all instructors teaching GLA courses are asked to assess students’ performance until that point and identify students at risk of not earning at least a grade of C, based on the grading policies on the course syllabi.
  2. Academic advisors will contact students via university email, should they have been identified to be at risk.
  3. Students identified above are encouraged to meet with the course instructor as soon as feasible and discuss how to improve their performance for the remainder of the semester.
  4. If students decide to withdraw from a course, they must schedule an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss the implications of withdrawal. Students must obtain signatures from both the academic advisor and the course instructor on the Registration/Schedule Revision Form, and submit it to the GLA Office by the given due date.
  5. After processing the withdrawal, the GLA Office will notify the students.