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In an age of uncertainty, individuals with "power of humanity" are in demand. It can be described as a person with a rich sensibility who can acquire a wide range of knowledge, understand others who are different, and bravely challenge problems that have no answers. This is precisely the kind of person the College of Global Liberal Arts is striving for.

There are various career paths after graduation. One option is to continue on to graduate school for more advanced study, since you have absorbed a wide range of knowledge. Another option is to work for a company in Japan or overseas and take the lead in discovering and solving problems. Or you may choose to start your own business. There are no right answers for students in the College of Global Liberal Arts pursuing a mission to "make the world a better place”.

At last, in March 2023, the first graduates of the College of Global Liberal Arts will be dispatched. The Career Center supports the careers of the students of the College of Global Liberal Arts in order to bring them closer to achieving their ideal career path. The great advantage of the Dual Degree students is that students are not only Ritsumeikan University students but also students at Australian National University (ANU), and they can receive career support from ANU as well, especially for students who are interested in finding global careers.

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