Important Announcements for GLA Fall 2022 Course Delivery

Announcement July 25, 2022

Dear GLA students and parents/guardians,


Please be informed that GLA will resume in-person classes effective Fall 2022, insofar as the University’s BCP level remains 2 or below.


One of the chief concerns about resuming in-person classes until Spring 2022 was the border and travel restrictions of Japan and other countries. Now that such restrictions have been lifted, it is time for us to resume in-person classes and welcome students back to the campus.


Please be reminded, however, that our course delivery will still follow the University’s BCP standards described below.



[BCP Level 2 or below]

In-person classes will be conducted as the default, but less than half of the total number of classes for the semester may be conducted online per the instructors' discretion.

Exceptions might apply due to unavoidable reasons. Please check the syllabus of each course for details.


[BCP Level is 3 or above]

All classes will be delivered online.



Regardless of the above, the first class of all courses will be conducted online or hybrid (in-person and online) format. For more information, including the Zoom URL and delivery of the second class and beyond, please see the manaba+R course page and course syllabi or contact the course instructors.

Accordingly, we ask all students to prepare for attending in-person classes from Fall 2022.

Students should also note the following:

1. If you are unable to attend in-person classes due to extenuating circumstances described in the following link (, see “Application for Special Considerations related to the Coronavirus COVID-19(Immediate Special Measure)”), you must submit an “Application Form for Special Considerations for Face-to-Face Class in relation to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection” to Manabi Station to seek its approval, and submit an approved form to the instructor by September 30. Once approved, the instructor will provide you with online supplementary lesson materials.

2. The University will announce the procedure regarding #1 above on September 12 through manaba+R.

3. Special consideration described above will be strictly limited only to students meeting the specified criteria.

4. If the BCP level changes during the semester, the class format will change in line with the new BCP level.


Students with questions regarding their CoE, student visa, and tuition reduction should contact the OIC International Center through Questions about the Global House (on-campus dorm) should be directed to

Students looking for an apartment around the Ibaraki area are encouraged to check Ritsumeikan Co-op’s website in addition to the local real estate agencies.


Other questions should be directed to the GLA Office at Please note that the office will be closed on August 11 - 17 in conjunction with the university closure. The office will be open for the remainder of August with limited staffing, so it may take longer than usual to respond to your inquiries.


We truly appreciate the extraordinary patience you have demonstrated until Spring 2022. Hopefully, the COVID-19 situation will remain stable, and we look forward to working with all students in person in Fall 2022.



College of Global Liberal Arts

Ritsumeikan University



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