GLA career special event “ANA Experience-based Program 2022” was held.

News January 30, 2023

GLA held a special extra-curricular career program, “ANA Experience-based Program 2022”, for four days from 29 October to 27 November 2022, in cooperation with ANA Kansai Airport Co., Ltd.  20 GLA students, mainly first and second-year students, participated in the program.

The aim of the project was to help students learn about the wide variety of jobs and roles that support air transportation and to explore their future career options through on-site experience of airport operations, the core business of the airline industry. In addition, we tried to provide an opportunity to think about what kind of work, role, and way of thinking would excite students in the future, while looking at how people working in the field feel about their work and what they value.

The program began with the Pre-learning session on 29 October, and covered the “ANA’s Way”, the action guidelines, an overview of the ANA brand, airport duties and business etiquette. Next, during the two-day on-site training experience on 12 and 13 November, the participants received lectures on ground handling, passenger handling, and operations management. The participants then visited each site, met the people who work there, and had role-play experiences such as making announcements and passport issuance procedures.

In addition to a round-table discussion where participants could ask questions and interact directly with employees, there were demonstrations of meal service by cabin attendants. It was a series of experiences that raised the level of their perspectives that cannot be seen from the user’s perspective.

On 27 November, the final day of the program, the participants gave a presentation to the employees of ANA Kansai Airport Co., Ltd. based on the learning from the Pre-learning and on-site training. Working in groups of five, each group presented on the “common” and “group-specific” topics that had been presented beforehand. The common theme was “What can be improved from the students’ perspective in each department at the airport”, while the group-specific theme presented “What ANA should be working on” in relation to key issues such ESG, digital transformation and competitive differentiation strategies.

Some of the students’ comments included, “The presentation theme was quite difficult, but the Pre-learning and On-site training experience were very helpful”, “Although we all had the same experience in the program, we felt differently, so it was difficult to put all the ideas together. However, we tried to understand each other, and in the end, we were able to put all the opinions together without wasting anyone’s opinions. After all, I felt fulfilled”. Clearly, this was a valuable opportunity for the participants. After receiving comments from ANA Kansai Airport Co., Ltd. employees who attended the program, Mr. Tomomi Nakaya, Senior Manager of the Personnel Section, said, “All the presentations contained so many suggestions from the customer's perspective. I was equally pleased that they made suggestions from the employees' perspective. We would like to take the suggestions for improvement from the students back to the company and combine them with the suggestions from ANA employees.”

At GLA, we would like to continue to provide and support opportunities such as this program, where students can cultivate diverse perspectives, think about careers from an early age and design their own future careers.

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