Gian Powell Marquez

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Associate Professor

Eng.D. in Aerospace Engineering, Nagoya University

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  • Eng.D. in Aerospace Engineering, Nagoya University

Message to Students

In chemical or biological evolution, matters always find ways on how to efficiently utilize energy in accordance to their environment. From the symbiotic relationship of algae and lichen or social structure of a bee colony to the modern human society or future Mars colony, here at GLA, I will work with students on how to explore the dynamic relationship of Science and Society. I, as a mentor, together with the whole GLA family, will always guide you in every step of the way as you realize your dream and place in our society. I hope to see you here at GLA soon!

Courses Taught

  • Science Basics
  • Special Lecture on Innovation Studies I

Science Basics tackle the essential foundation in the field of Basic and Applied Sciences to explore its dynamic interaction in the development of human society. This will show how the field of Science, Technology, and Society are closely integrated.

Special Lecture on Innovation Studies I examine the innovator’s mindset and explore the culture of innovation. The students experience how to navigate their way in creating idea, recognizing opportunities, and executing plans.

Research Interests

Science and Technology, Renewable Energy, Biomass and Energy, Energy and Sustainable Development

My research is about the utilization of marine biomass in energy production. I explore how our ocean can be sustainably used to support a carbohydrate economy.

Supervision Information

If you are interested in interdisciplinary research and want to combine topics like Sustainable Technologies, Climate Change or Ocean Science with social science or humanities themes, I am more than happy to work with you in formulating your research focus.

Representative Publications

To be added.