GLA Administrative Office

The GLA office

GLA Administrative Office (the GLA office) plays vital roles in all aspects of the college’s administration by collaborating with the Dean’s leadership team as well as other staff and faculty inside and outside the college. Being a part of the Division of Academic Affairs, the GLA office is responsible for, but not limited to, the following roles:

  • Student recruitment and admissions
  • New student orientation
  • Registration & course withdrawal
  • Transfer between RU and ANU
  • Curriculum, syllabus & course schedule management
  • Faculty support
  • Student support (including referral to other support units on campus)

When GLA students need assistance but do not know where to contact, they are welcome to contact the GLA office for the necessary guidance.

AC office, OIC campus
+81 72 665 2492

Our Team

(In an alphabetical order.)

Ayumi Hagusa

Coordinator, ANU/RU Program Administration

Photo of Ayumi Hagusa

College is a place where you meet people, challenge yourself and find out just who you are. Living on your own and not having your parents watching you/telling you what to do 24/7 and having the freedom to make your own decisions will surely make you a much more responsible and mature person. At GLA, you will discover your passions, build lifelong connections and thrive in our supportive community – all while having fun! Please also remember, our office is always here to assist you with any questions that you may have.

Takaharu Kakami

Office Manager

Photo of Takaharu Kakami

After working at a Japanese NGO for rural development in Nepal and Vietnam, I joined Ritsumeikan about 18 years ago. Before I took over my current position, I was engaged in university-wide academic affairs and research support. I started Karate five years ago. My teacher is 87 years old and he is very excellent at Karate. My dream is to continue practicing Karate to be his age. I will do my best to support you all so that you can have many fulfilling experiences during your four years.

Ryosuke Kawai

Coordinator, Academic Affairs
Academic Advisor

Photo of Ryosuke Kawai

Hello, everyone. I’m Ryosuke Kawai, Administrative Office in Global Liberal Arts. I’ve been in Washington D.C., the U.S. for 1 year, working as an International Program Associate to support for researchers.
During college days, you can experience so many things as you wish by making and taking chances. We will support you pursuing your dreams as far as we can.

Nodoka Niizawa

Coordinator, Students Career Support

Photo of Nodoka Niizawa

Hi, I’m Nodoka Niizawa, one of the GLA office members since June 2021. I was in charge of general affairs for one year and am now going to support the careers of the GLA students. There are many career paths after graduation. You have so many possibilities and there are no right answers. You can find the way of life that is unique to you! I am looking forward to hearing stories from you all.

Yoshiki Onishi

Assistant Manager, ANU/RU Program Administration
Director, Students Career and Professional Development

Photo of Yoshiki Onishi

I am Yoshiki ONISHI, an administrative staff at the GLA, mainly in charge of program coordination. I spent my childhood in the US and after graduating from Ritsumeikan University, I started up a business in the field of sports business. I love traveling on the hunt for yummy food and "work hard, do the right thing, learn something everyday" is my favorite motto. I'm excited to support growth for you all!

Norihisa (“Nori”) Shimada

Assistant Manager, Academic Operations
Director, Academic Advising

Photo of Norihisa (“Nori”) Shimada

I earned my bachelor’s degree in English Literature & Writing from a traditional liberal arts college in upstate New York. I also earned a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration. Before starting the new chapter of my university career at Ritsumeikan in December 2019, I served as the Director of Academic Advising at an American university for 10 years. I am a proud product of the liberal arts education, so I know how it will enrich your life in various ways (of course, you will have to study very hard!). Please know that GLA’s advising team and I are committed to supporting you to achieve your academic goals, and we are here to make differences.

Maiko Takemura

Coordinator, Admissions & Student Recruitment

Photo of Maiko Takemura

Hola! Nice to meet you. My name is Maiko Takemura. I have belonged as a staff at GLA administrative office from 2017. I’m in charge of GLA admissions and Pre-admission education. If you have any questions about GLA’s education and admissions, Please feel free to contact me at any time. I look forward to seeing you!

Yuki Tsuda

Coordinator, Academic Affairs

Photo of Yuki Tsuda

My name is Yuki Tsuda. I had worked at Ritsumeikan Asia Pasific University (APU) for 4 years and I have started to work at GLA from May 2022. Ritsumeikan University and GLA offer various opportunities for your growth so please take advantage of these opportunities. The reason that I decide to work at University, I would like to support university students’ career plan and academic plan who have with unlimited potential.
Therefore, please consult our office anytime and don’t hesitate to contact us!