Mitsuki Oishi

Photo of Mitsuki Oishi

In the future, I desire to work in the movie industry overseas where I can make the most of my English skills. I thought that the College of Global Liberal Arts, where we can take all the courses in English and deepen our horizons through studying various fields, is the perfect place for me since I had studied abroad for a year in a Canadian high school.

At GLA, classes consist of lectures and tutorials, and there are several areas of courses such as statistics, world history, philosophy, and economics. Instead of just listening to the lectures, I noticed that we can deepen our learning in interactive tutorial sessions by thinking by ourselves, asking questions, and having lively discussions.

In addition, living in Global house with other friends is fascinating. I can enjoy my private time when I am in my room. Sharing a kitchen and recreation room with other friends is not only fun but also beneficial as we can develop compassion, get close, and help each other in our communal life.

I never thought I would spend so much time with friends in the dormitory before enrolling in GLA. We sometimes cook together, watch movies together, and work together for class. I really enjoy and appreciate the environment where I receive a lot of inspiration from my friends with various experiences and backgrounds. My horizons are expanding thanks to spending time with them.