Kouichirou Federico Suzuki

Photo of Kouichirou Federico Suzuki

For a person like me who was born and raised in Italy by an Italian father and a Japanese mother, Japan was a place where I would usually spend my summer holidays. Due to my increasing interest in learning more about Japanese and Asian cultures and my desire in obtaining a more global perspective, I decided to enroll at the College of Global Liberal Arts. Furthermore, living in the OIC Global House dormitory (G House) gave me the opportunities to encounter people with the most diversified backgrounds, which made everything absolutely exceptional and worth it.

In the G House there are many international students who come from countries such as China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and more. It’s the first time in my entire life that I live in Japan and stay at a dorm. So, every day is a good opportunity to learn new things. One aspect that I’m particularly fond of is when we are having dinner all together in the dining room. After cooking for ourselves, we gather and sit at a table and while eating we either talk about how our day was, share information about that day’s lectures, or discuss about topics for eventual group works.

There is always something to learn in my daily life. I’m really looking forward to continuing to deepen my relationships with my friends and I hope to make good use of the knowledge and the skills acquired in the College of Global Liberal Arts that will eventually be useful for future opportunities beyond college life.