Jun Wakisaka

Photo of Jun Wakisaka

The reason why I wanted to join GLA is because its Dual Degree program with the Australian National University. This program enables us to study in an environment where all courses are taught in English, to encounter students with diverse backgrounds and to learn various fields of studies. All courses consist of lectures and tutorial sessions, and each will be conducted once a week. Students will have an opportunity to learn and absorb new knowledge through the lectures, and deepen their understanding through discussion with their peers during the tutorial sessions.

I feel that my horizons have been broadened through communication with students with diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideas. My reading skills have improved through extensive readings for the preparation of classes, and I have built the critical thinking by reflecting knowledge of various fields of studies.

I found Civilization Studies to be the most intriguing of all the courses I have taken. In this course, I learned to consider historical problems from different perspectives by studying civilizations and histories of different regions in the world. This experience provided me with an incentive to continue to think critically with different viewpoints about the challenges that are surfacing in the modern world.

My dream is to utilize my trilingual ability of Japanese, English, and Chinese in order to be active in the global society. During my academic journey at GLA, I want to find out what I am really interested in, enrich my experience in that fields to facilitate my future career development.