Riko Yamamoto

Photo of Riko Yamamoto

I decided to study at GLA because it was the best environment for me to broaden my horizons. In my first year, I took a wide range of classes such as statistics, cultural studies, and world history. In addition to lectures, tutorial-style teaching is delivered at GLA, so such an interactive learning environment is one of the attractions of our college Through the study at GLA, I have gained the ability to think both critically and deeply and I have also learned how to build opinions and arguments by analyzing facts from various perspectives.

I now live in the dormitory on campus with friends from different backgrounds, which is an exciting and new experience. The extracurricular exchanges have broadened my acceptance and respect for other cultures. In addition, there are many common spaces in the dormitory, such as study and exchange spaces, so I utilize them depending on my purpose. I am inspired by international students in many ways. Living together with them is an opportunity for me to grow up. Every moment with my peers will be a precious memory.