• Emilie

    from Singapore
    1st year, Global Studies Major
    Nanyang Polytechnic,



    Why did you choose to study abroad?

    I went on an exchange before to Paris. During the stay, I realized the importance of exposing oneself to new environments. I like Japan a lot, so I was hoping to come to Japan for my future studies.

    Having fun at IR Night
    Having fun at IR Night

    Why did you choose Global Studies in Ritsumeikan University?

    I was looking on the Global30 Website for an English-based degree, which is related to International Relations. Ritsumeikan University caught my attention right away. Located in Kyoto, which is also the cultural heart of Japan, I believe this will be the best place for experiencing “Real Japan.”

    Is it your first time to learn Japanese?

    I couldn’t speak a word when I first came to Japan. The Japanese class schedule was tight though. However, my language skills improved a lot, especially when I am using it everyday.

    Trying my best in the Japanese Class
    Trying my best in the Japanese Class

    In what ways do you feel that your GS education is helpful for your future?

    I am more exposed to world issues. It broadens my horizon. I learned to see the big picture. I have started to develop more concrete arguments through classroom discussions. I am more confident now to speak in front of people. After graduation from GS, I will be ready to work overseas or in related fields.

    What is your dream job?

    I want to be an interpreter for the United Nations. Introduction to the United Nations is my favorite GS course. In Professor Hatcher’s class, we were given plenty of room to explore ideas. I am inspired by her ideas and I enjoy her class a lot. In the future, I want to make use of my foreign language skills, combining my knowledge in international relations and diplomacy with my future career.

    Matcha desserts in Kyoto, yummm!
    Matcha desserts in Kyoto, yummm!

    Any study tips for future students?

    Have an open heart and an open mind. You need to be prepared to judge and think critically. Be prepared to spend time on readings.

    Friends in school
    Friends in school