• Yuuki

    from Osaka, Japan
    1st year, Global Studies Major
    Asahi High School,



    What are your own reasons in choosing Ritsumeikan University?

    I have spent my childhood in China but I wanted to go back to my Japanese roots for university. When I was looking at university websites, I found that Ritsumeikan University (RU) was launching a new BA degree conducted in English. This was a perfect match, as I was interested in international relations and I wanted to study in Kyoto, such a great place with a strong mixture of cultural heritage and a colorful city life!

    What makes GS stand out?

    We have 50% Japanese students with 50% international students. With students coming from all over the world, everyone is so eager to speak up and their views are very inspiring. It is a unique learning experience for me.

    Paying attention in class
    Paying attention in class

    What is your favorite course?

    I like a lot of my courses but “Introduction to the United Nations” is my favorite! Prof. Hatcher brings the hottest UN news stories to class every week and most of them are not even mentioned in the textbook. In this class, you will feel more connected to the world! We also do a lot of fun stuff like group quizzes. Prof Hatcher gives the winning group bonus prizes so it makes me really motivated to prepare ahead.

    I heard that you are an “Oritor”. What does that mean?

    In RU, each faculty has student volunteers to take care of new students. It is like a mentoring program and the group is called Orientation Conductor (Oritor). I remember the days when I first moved to China, I struggled to adapt to the new environment. I know how hard it can be to start a new life in a different country. That is why I joined Oritor to help other students to settle into university life.

    Here are the Oritors! See me?
    Here are the Oritors! See me?

    What do Oritors do?

    Right now, Oritors hold various events each month. In October, we planned a Halloween Night, a mini camp night in the Seminar House. Students dressed up in costumes and enjoyed games against groups. Everyone was mingling well and by the next day, we got to know each other much better. For November, we are planning to take them to Arashiyama for autumn leaves and maybe some Kyoto desserts!

    Message to future GS students:

    Work hard, Play hard! Have a specific goal that you want to achieve, fight for it!

    With Professor Katsura and my friend, Jun
    With Professor Katsura and my friend, Jun