• Kyungyeon

    from Inchon, Korea
    1st year, Global Studies Major
    Marist Brothers International School,



    Why did you decide to go to University in Japan?

    Although I am Korean, I moved to Japan in my teens and was studying at an international school here for more than 3 years before going to University. I did think about applying to University in North America or the UK, but I have heard that the job market for international students there is really competitive, so in the end I thought my prospects after graduation would be best if I went to university in Japan.

    Relaxing between classes
    Relaxing between classes

    Why did you decide to apply to Ritsumeikan University?

    I knew that I wanted to study social sciences at University, and the GS Major curriculum really matched my interests. But what really made me decide to apply, though, was the great study abroad programs and study abroad scholarships that RU has.

    When do you think you will apply for a study abroad program and where are you thinking of going?

    I have already applied, and I have got a place on an exchange program! I am going to be spending a year studying at the University of Helsinki in Finland from next September. I am really excited! I have always wanted to go to Europe, so I focused on universities there. I also thought it would be interesting to be based in a country that wasn’t an English speaking one, and when I looked at the programs offered at RU’s partner universities, the one at Helsinki was most appealing. The courses available at Helsinki look really exciting and match my interests. Plus, Helsinki has some good scholarships available for exchange students. I am so looking forward to going to Finland and I will definitely use my time there to travel around Europe a lot.

    With friends at the Halloween party
    With friends at the Halloween party

    What are your favorite classes?

    I would have to say Introduction to Economics. I have been interested in economics for a while, and so I am really enjoying the opportunity to study it in class. Professor Hassdorf explains concepts very clearly and the materials he prepares are really useful. He is also happy to find time to give us help and advice when we need if, even coming in to university early to meet us if we ask him.

    I understand you have just started a part-time job.

    Yes, I have just started working at a pizza delivery shop. I decided I wanted to get a part-time job so I could save up some money for when I travel in Europe next year. I haven’t worked that much yet at the pizza shop, but I hope to be able to work about three times a week. That is about as much as I can manage it I want to keep time for studying and relaxing.

    The first meal I cooked in my university apartment
    The first meal I cooked in my university apartment

    What do you hope to do after you graduate?

    After I graduate, I plan to get a job for a Japanese or Multinational company in Japan in Tokyo or Osaka and work there for a few years to get some experience and save some money. After that I hope to go and get a Masters in the UK. I am not sure yet exactly what I want to do my Masters in, but I think it will be a field related to Development Studies.

    Kobe Port, taken during a weekend trip
    Kobe Port, taken during a weekend trip