• Cody

    from Los Angeles, USA
    1st year, Global Studies Major
    Marist Brothers International School,



    Tell us a bit about what you were doing before coming to Ritsumeikan University.

    For the three years immediately before starting at RU I was living in Kobe, but I spent most of my life before that in the USA, though with one period of living in Japan from 6th to 8th grade.

    Why did you decide to apply to the Global Studies Major?

    I wanted to learn about international business as I hope to work in this field in the future, but at the same time I thought it is important to learn about international relations more broadly. The Global Studies Major would allow me to study both business and international relations.

    On the road back in US
    On the road back in US

    How are you finding the classes?

    I am taking a range of classes at the moment - Academic English, Peace Studies, Introduction to Economics, Introduction to International Relations, Introduction to Sociology, and Introduction to Politics. The classes are all different- the style of class really varies depending on the professor. One thing they all have in common is that there is a lot of work to do for class! Having to get assignments done before the next week’s class can be tough. I think my time management skills are definitely getting better!

    What is your favorite class?

    It would be Introduction to Politics. The way the professor teaches is really new for me, such as including everyone in conversations about the topic. We also have to write a blog for class which is interesting and something new for me- I had never had to write a blog before.

    Year End Party !!!!
    Year End Party !!!!

    What classes do you plan to take in the future?

    From next semester onwards, I plan to start studying Chinese as a foreign language. If I go into business after graduating, China will be an important market so it will be useful to have some language skills. When we go into the second year, all students have to choose from one of three programs and I plan to take the Sustainability and Development Program as this will be useful for my business career. I also hope to take some courses from the Culture and Society Program too.

    What did you do during the spring vacation?

    I travelled back to the US to see my family and to bring my cats to Japan! It is good to have them living here with me now.

    My Furry Friend !!!
    My Furry Friend !!!

    What are your plans for the rest of your time at Ritsumeikan University and beyond?

    In the short term, I think I will go to the US again in the summer. After that, I am thinking about applying for one of the study abroad programs, but I haven’t yet decided whether to take part or not. I do plan to use the 5-year BA and MA scheme that the College of International relations have. After I graduate, I will probably look to work in my family’s business.