What students can learn

Our aim is to create a system for supporting cutting-edge IT.
From the viewpoint of information science and engineering, we develop technology that will enrich our society.

One department with seven courses

We established seven courses in our department in 2017. In this more flexible studying environment, students can select a particular field from among fields which have been designed corresponding to present trends.

Department reorganization for academic year 2017

English-medium program for ICT

We established the Information Systems Science and Engineering Course (ISSE) in 2017, in which international students and Japanese students study Information and Communication Technology (ICT) together in English. All curricula are composed in English, and we do not require Japanese proficiency for students at the time of admission to our English-medium program. Their main feature is that they are based on project-based learning, which involves students discovering and solving problems themselves. Furthermore, as our partner, the University of Oxford (UK) will serve as the educational adviser.

Enhanced curriculum

Today, ICT is developing at a tremendous rate and is recognized as one of the core technologies for solving complicated and global-scale challenges regarding energy, the environment, welfare, health, medical care, and others. Information and communication technologies such as the internet, smart phones, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, robotics, and information security are gathering much attention as future-changing technologies. Our new curriculum is organized so that students can learn the basic theories of ICT sufficiently and build a solid foundation in their first and second year, and then go on to learn about cutting-edge fields of ICT through lectures, seminars and experiments.

Unique English education

Classes will be organized according to students' English proficiency upon their enrollment, and we will launch a unique English education program that will ensure that all students make improvement. We will also strive to enable students in all courses to develop into globally-competent human resources that can actively participate on the global stage, through learning the basics of ICT in English, studying overseas on their own accord, interacting with international students from abroad and Japanese students, and participating in the extra-curricular global program provided by the CISE.

Top level research capabilities

The CISE became the top among private universities in Japan in the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research program, which covers all original and pioneering “academic research” whether basic or advanced, for multiple information-related fields, including supercomputing, information security, sensory information processing, intelligent robotics, and life/health/medical information. This was achieved through the close-knit cooperation between and intense efforts of the students and faculty members of the CISE. Using the grants effectively, we aim to develop world top-level research capabilities.