[Japanese-medium]Social System Design Course

Utilizing information and communication technology to create a safe, comfortable and convenient future society

Design for a future society where people and information and communication technology live in symbiosis

Our diverse and complicated society and system face many challenges that are becoming apparent on a global scale, and students are expected to use information and communication technology (ICT) to create a new society and system through innovation. Students in this course will learn skills related to data science, system design, and interaction, which are the key to creating future ICT society and systems, and acquire the ability to put their skills into practice.

What students can learn01
Data Science Skills

Present day society is overflowing with a huge amount of data, such as data circulating on websites and social networks, as well as data that is generated from sensors placed in various places. In order to create future ICT society, it is important to utilize huge amounts of data. Students will learn data science skills for analyzing and modeling huge amounts of data.

Text Mining
Students will learn about text mining, which is a technique for analyzing huge amounts of text data.
Information Access Theory
Students will learn information access skills, such as retrieval skills for efficiently finding necessary information from a huge amount of information resources.

What students can learn02
Design Science Techniques

Information and communication technology (ICT) is causing a large change in our social system, in areas such as transport, finance, distribution and logistics. In order to build a new social system that utilizes ICT, it is necessary to understand society’s demands and meet those demands through realizing an actual system. Students will learn design science techniques for designing and implementing systems and services that utilize ICT.

Social Design Theory
Students will learn analyzing methods and modeling methods for building a social system which adopts information and communication technology.
Cognitive Engineering
Students will learn ways to design systems that match the needs of users through understanding the human cognitive process.

What students can learn03
Interaction Technologies

For forming a new society/system in which information and services on the net lead people’s actions, and people and information and communication technology (ICT) live in symbiosis, it is vital to understand the intentions and meanings of people’s words and actions and promote valid interaction between society/system and people. Students will learn about interaction technologies that enable people and society/system to interact at a high level.

Natural Language Processing
Students will learn about natural language processing, which is a basic technology for handling human language on computers.
Human Interface
Students will learn about human interface technology, which is a technology for supporting places where people and people, people and systems, or people and the environment interact with each other.