International students and Japanese students

gain their practical skills

through project-based learning.

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Information Systems Science and Engineering Course

Modern information systems are developed by diverse international teams from many countries; Political and cultural borders are no longer boundaries. The main focus of education in the Information Systems Science and Engineering Course (ISSE) is to train people who can work in this quickly evolving technical world, as team members, as innovators, and as leaders.

Students in the program develop the information systems engineering skills necessary to work anywhere in the world and bring imagination and technical competence to every kind of project and organization, while also maintaining the powerful benefits of their own unique personalities and cultures.

During the first year, students learn about the project lifecycle around which the Project-Based Learning courses are framed. After becoming acquainted with projects and labs, as well as getting the foundations of information science, in their second year, students begin to work as team members. At the same time, and moving into their third year, the students gain competence in advanced elective courses.
At the end of the third year, students are ready to launch their own project, which may be integrated with other projects but is the student's own innovation. Completion of the fourth year and graduation launches students into a new world where they can continue to work on projects as academics, product and system developers, international project managers, entrepreneurs, and other successful careers.

The information systems lifecycle of shows the path of all successful systems. Projects in the ISSE project-based learning initiative follow the same route. Students learn to bring a project from concept to reality and also how to maintain and build on previous projects and concepts. Project-based learning allows students to build competence and confidence in constructing a system that works well with every other person and part of the development process, therefore having a much better chance of succeeding and leading to other successful projects.

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Engineering
Duration: Four years
Language of Instruction: English-medium 
*All classes in the ISSE course are conducted in English.

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