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What students learn in the four-year program

During the first year, students will learn the overall basics in the field of information science and, in the second half of the same year, select their specialized course according to their interests and future visions. (*Note) Students will decide their laboratory in the first half of the third year and, starting from the second half, work on their graduation research for the next year and a half. Through working on their graduation research, students will deepen knowledge on their field of specialty and acquire the ability to discover and solve problems themselves.


  • In the first year, students learn the basics of the information science field in general, and at the end of the spring semester, they select their courses based on their interests and vision for the future.

  • Students study specialized fields in the course to which they are assigned from the fall semester of their first year.

  • Students decide which laboratory they will belong to in the spring semester of their third year and spend a year and a half from the fall semester working on their graduation research.

  • Students can also choose units according to their own sense of purpose and deepen their learning across courses.What's Units?


Curriculum for students enrolling in or after academic year 2024

Ritsumeikan University Syllabus