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Four cross-course Units

To facilitate the acquisition of knowledge across a broad spectrum of information technology fields, the college will introduce 'Units.' These are designed to complement the high level of specialization offered by each course. Regardless of the course selection, students can freely choose from the four units described below, enabling them to deepen their interdisciplinary learning. Upon completing the coursework and meeting the requirements of a unit, students will receive a certificate of completion.

  • *Choosing and completing units is not a requirement for graduation.
  • *The ISSE course will introduce Units starting from the 2028 academic year.
  • *Please note that the types of units and their coursework may be subject to future changes.
Unit Type Main subjects
1. Data Science Unit Probability and Statistics, Data Modeling Theory
2. AI Unit Basic Applied Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
3. DX Unit Information Ethics and Information Technology, Software Engineering
4. IoT Unit Computer Security, Remote Sensing Engineering