Students desired

Students who can imagine a future that
nobody has ever seen without limiting their ideas.

In the present age where the development of devices and networks has brought about the blooming of information and communication technology (ICT) that enables access to diverse information in the world, information science and engineering is particularly expected to grow further. The College of Information Science and Engineering welcomes students who can imagine a “future that nobody knows” without being bound by existing ideas when viewing the world from the perspective of "information."

The following keywords are all related to information science and engineering.

    • Robot
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Automated Driving
    • Smartphone
    • Operating System (OS)
    • Games
    • Computer Graphics
    • Computer Networks
    • Database
    • Smart Household Appliances
    • IoT
    • Code
    • Information Security
    • Virtual Reality
    • SNS
    • AR/MR
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Cloud Computing
    • Online Shopping