Qualifications and Careers


Human resources that utilize technical knowledge to lead information society’s future in a wide variety of fields and companies

Many graduates contribute society in various fields by utilizing the advanced information technology knowledge, management ability, and presentation ability that they have acquired in the university.

One in three students advance to graduate school

Advancing to the graduate school - a key to getting more specialized research positions or highly-professional positions

Employment decision rate for giant companies + large companies (by capital scale)

Graduates of Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering
(GSISE) have a much higher chance of getting research positions and highly-specialized positions compared to graduates of CISE.

Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering

Jobs in the IT industry (examples)

  • - Digital creator
  • - Programmer
  • - System Engineer (SE)
  • - IT coordinator
  • - Bridge SE
  • - IT instructor
  • - IT consultant

Obtainable qualifications (examples)

  • - Fundamental Information Technology Engineer
  • - Applied Information Technology Engineer
  • - Educational personal certificate of high school (Class one, Information Studies)

  • * Programs and examinations required for the above qualifications are conducted only in Japanese.