Profiles of Young Researchers


Associate Professor, Kinugasa Research Organization, Ritsumeikan University

Specialized field: Area Studies, Islamic Studies, International Relations
Degree:Ph.D. in Area Studies (Kyoto University), 2019
Doctoral Thesis: Sunni-Shiite Rapprochement and Interfaith Dialogues in Contemporary Islamic World: A Study on International Initiatives for Consensus-building by Jordan and the OIC
Recent Papers : IKEHATA Fukiko and KOSUGI Yasushi. "Ijma in Islamic Law and Islamic Thought: Tradition, Contemporary Relevance, and Prospects" Kyoto Bulletin of Islamic Area Studies, vol. 14. March, 2021.
IKEHATA Fukiko. "Does the Islamic World have a Platform to Express its International Public Opinion?" Kyoto Bulletin of Islamic Area Studies, vol. 12, pp. 118-135. March, 2019.
Recent Research Interests: Consensus making in the Islamic World, International norm creation in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Collective ijtihad by the Modern Islamic scholars