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Why Global Liberal Arts?

The College of Global Liberal Arts (GLA) at Ritsumeikan University is the first in Japan to launch a dual degree program with the College of Asia and the Pacific at the Australian National University (ANU).

This means that you will experience the combination of a liberal arts education at GLA and the world’s leading research university on the study of the Asia-Pacific at ANU.

Photos of Ritsumeikan and ANU campuses and students

What You Learn

Redefined liberal arts education based on a global standard, all taught in English.

Dual Degree Program

Students will be awarded degrees from both Ritsumeikan University and the Australian National University.

Liberal Arts from Asia to the World

Nurturing students by going beyond the boundaries of a traditional, European-style liberal arts education.

The GLA Community


Our flexible, dynamic, and inclusive curriculum allows students from various regions of the world to join the program – from Japan, Australia and Asia-Pacific countries.

Faculty and Staff

Meet our faculty and staff members who work closely to make the GLA learning experience possible.

Join the Discussion

Putting global liberal arts teaching into practice – here is what our faculty is thinking about when rethinking liberal arts in global context.

Contact Us

The GLA Office

+81 72 665 2492

International Admissions Office

+81 75 465 8162

International Student Dormitory


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