Board Members


Kenki ADACHI (Professor, College of International Relations)

International Politics

Theories of International Politics, Global Governance, NGOs, Disarmament and Arms Control


Jun HONNA (Professor, College of International Relations)

Comparative Politics, Indonesian Politics, Political Change in Southeast Asia, Transnational Organized Crime, Non-traditional Security

Democratization and Political Violence in Indonesia, Non-Traditional Security Issues in East Asia: Transnational Crime

Kota SUECHIKA (Professor, College of International Relations)

Middle Eastern Studies, International Relations, Comparative Politics

Politics and International Relations in Contemporary Middle East

Haruyuki SHIMADA (Professor, College of International Relations)

Development Economics, International Cooperation, International Relations, Peacebuilding

Social and Economic development of lower income and post conflict countries in Asia Region

Takuo IWATA (Professor, College of International Relations)

African Studies, Comparative politics

Studies on the political power in Africa

Satoru NAKAMOTO (Professor, College of Economics)

American Economy, Creative Economy, Service Economy

①Political economics analysis of the contemporary U.S. economy ②Study of shift towards service economy ③Study of globalization ④Study of "creative economy"

Yuichiro KABE (Associate Professor, College of Gastronomy Management)

Chinese Literature

Narrative and Images in China

Noboru MIYAWAKI (Professor, College of Political Science)

International Politics on Human Rights and Security, Resource Diplomacy, Mongolia

Competitive Norms in the Dynamics of International Politics, Study on Function of International Regime, Security Issues of Mongolia

Masaki MORI (Professor, College of Business Administration)

International Management, Asian Management

Managerial Dynamism of Overseas Chinese Companies through Personal Network

Misako ODA (Associate Professor, College of Law)

Asian Law

Comparative Study of Chinese and Japanese Laws

Miwa HIRONO (Associate Professor, College of Global Liberal Arts)

China's International Relations, China's Peacekeeping Operations and Humanitarian Assistance, Sino-Japan Relations

China's Peacekeeping Operations, Cultures of Humanitarianism in East Asia, Simulating Peacebuilding, China's Role in Conflict-Affected Regions