Conflict and Peacebuilding Studies(CAPS)

“Multilateral Actors and Transnational Norms in Global Governance”

 In the globalizing international society, a variety of norms have emerged that go beyond the interstate order and incorporate non-state actors. Will these transnational norms contribute to global governance, or will the increasing diversity and complexity of norms lead to forum shopping, regime shopping, and confusion in the order? In anticipation of hybridizing conflicts, some state actors seem to be taking advantage of this to make their states more robust. A report submitted by the Biden administration (The White House, Building Resilient Supply Chains, Revitalizing American Manufacturing and Fostering Broad-based Growth,2021, June. In this panel, we will discuss the future of global governance and how it can be applied in the future. This panel will examine the prospects for diverse actors and transnational norms in global governance in the future.


Date: 17 March 9:00 - 12:00 JST (March16th,2022 EST20:00-23:00

Venue: ZOOM from Japan (We will send you the URL after your registration by March 16th) 

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Language: English


Host: Japan Association of Global Governance

         Institute of International Relations and Area Stduies, Ritsumeikan University

General Moderator: Professor Mariko SHOJI, Keiai University.

Opening Remarks: Dr.Koji FUKUDA, President, Japan Association of Global

Governance, Professor, Waseda University


Dr.Virginia HAUFLER, the University of Maryland,

"Climate Risk, Private Governance, and Transnational Norms of Stability"


Dr. Mia RAHIM, University of New England, South Australia, School of Law

"Regulating ‘Big Data’ Based Global Corporations in the ‘New Normal’"


Dr. Shinichi AGO, Ritsumeikan University

"Future of International Labour Standards Setting: The Soft-law Approach"


Takashi HATTORI, Kyoto University

"APEC and its role in formulating international norms"


Commentator: Kenki ADACHI, Director of the Institute of International Relations and Area Studies, Ritsumeikan University


Tomoaki WATANABE, Fukuoka Institute of Technology


Noboru MIYAWAKI, Ritsumeikan University


Closing Remarks: Dr.Koji FUKUDA, President, Japan Association of Global Governance, Professor, Waseda University

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