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IB Course CAS: Hiking at Nara Takatori Castle

On Saturday, May 21st, a group of IB 2 student leaders led the IB 1 class on an 11 km hike in the mountains of Takatori in Nara prefecture. The hike was not only challenging physically, with some stunning views over the Yamato plain, but also a chance for students to enjoy several cultural and historical sights including the impressive ruins of Takatori castle. In addition to completing the hike, students also took part in a photo contest and served the local community by helping to remove trash from the lower end of the trail. It was great to see the IB 1 students take on this challenge so positively and to form stronger bonds in the process. We would like to thank the Takatori Town Hall and the Tubosaka Temple priests for their cooperation.

This hike was part of the IB 1 "Pre-CAS" program, which is designed to prepare students for CAS, the required extracurricular component of the IB Diploma.