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TOK Exhibition

On Friday, May 27th, the Ritsumeikan Uji IB Program held its first-ever TOK Exhibition! The Exhibition is an IB assessment that allows our third-year students to examine the way knowledge is expressed and used in the real world through carefully-chosen objects that allow them to respond to a knowledge question. Students and teachers from throughout the IB program were in attendance, as well as students from our IPC course in the Junior High School and the rest of Ritsumeikan Uji. Visitors read the students' posters and asked about their work, learning more about how TOK is expressed in our IB studies. The success of this exhibition will inspire future cohorts in their own work, and help them further demonstrate the great effort and achievement that they have made in their studies.

220530【IB】TOKExhibition 220530【IB】TOKExhibition