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CAS Arashiyama Cycling Tour

On Saturday, May 7, IB course students went on a CAS cycling tour to Arashiyama, Kyoto.Led by four teachers, 23 first-year and second-year IB course students who wished to participate took part. The tour started from Kyoto Station and cycled north along the Katsura River, stopping at the Arashiyama Togetsu Bridge to view the famous Hirozawa Pond where period dramas were filmed, then south on Horikawa Street, passing in front of Nijo Castle, and returning to Kyoto Station. It was a perfect cycling day with beautiful weather. It was a great day to confirm our friendship with each other while admiring the historical cityscape of Kyoto.

What is CAS in IB education?

CAS (creativity, activity, service) is one component forming the core of the DP. It encourages students to construct their own identity in line with the ethical principles of the IB Mission and the IB Learner Profile. CAS involves a wide range of activities completed concurrently with academic studies throughout the DP. CAS is composed of three components: creativity, which involves creative thinking and engaging in activities such as the arts; activity, which is physical activity that promotes healthy lifestyles; and service, which is voluntary, unpaid social activities that are beneficial to learning. CAS is composed of three elements. More than any other component of the DP, CAS contributes to the IB's mission to "create a better and more peaceful world through education that builds intercultural understanding and respect.”

CAS encourages students' personal and interpersonal skill development through experiential learning. IBDP CAS experiences include the following elements:

∙ Purposeful experiences with meaningful outcomes

∙ Personal challenge - Tasks should be achievable but challenging

∙ In-depth reflection in the review of plans and processes, and in debriefing

∙ Reflection on outcomes and personal learning

Each CAS experience must meet the above four criteria. Students are expected to continue their experiences on a regular basis, as much as possible throughout the duration of the DP, for a period of 18 months. Completion of the CAS is a requirement for completion of the DP. Thus, IB education is an educational program that promotes holistic development.