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JH Girls Tennis Club Kyoto Prefectural Tournament -Yamaguchi and Kitao Pair Wins, Team Title

Six pairs participated in the individual doubles competition.
As a result of fierce competition, the Yamaguchi/Kitao pair won the championship and the Nagata/Miyagawa pair took the runner-up spot, securing their entry to the Kinki Regional Championships.
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In the team competition, Ritsumeikan Uji Junior High School won the championship with a 3-2 win over Kyoto Women's Junior High School and a 3-1 win over Doshisha International Junior High School.

The results of the matches are as follows

vs Kyoto Women's Junior High School
D2 Miyagawa & Lee ○6-3
D1 Yamaguchi & Kitao ○6-0
S3 Ando ●1-6
S2 Nagata ○6-0
S1 Kimura ●0-6

vs Doshisha International Junior High School
D2 Yamaguchi & Lee ○6-2
D1 Miyagawa & Kitao ●2-6
S3 Kimura Censored
S2 Nagata ○6-0
S1 Ando ○6-1

The women's tennis team will now compete in the "2022 Kinki Junior High School Tennis Tournament (49th National Junior High School Championships Kinki Regional Qualifier)" at Kobe Sports Park Tennis Courts on July 30, and the "2022 71st Kinki Junior High School Sports Tournament Tennis Division" at Asuka Tennis Field on August 5 and 6.
We look forward to your continued support.
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