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Academic Year



WOW Project "We had Sawakani Crab in Satoyama."

On Monday, August 1, we went out to a mountain owned by Mr. Matsumura, who has been helping us with our woodworking class at junior high school.
First, we went to a nearby creek to catch Sawagani Crabs. We were able to catch Sawagani Crabs of all sizes and observed many other water creatures.
After that, we returned to the mountain, fried and seasoned the Sawagani Crabs, and immediately ate them. I believe that the participants were able to gain many valuable experiences, such as the taste of the Sawagani Crab, the experience of eating something that they themselves had just caught, and the gratitude of receiving life.
After that, we spent time in the mountains as we pleased. Despite the recent heat wave, we were able to spend time in the mountains and by the river without feeling too hot.
We hope to have a different experience in the fall.