In the 125 years of our history, we have produced many pioneers.
People who have changed the course of the world,
people who made creative discoveries,
and people who have created new cultures.
What kind of path will you chart on the road opened up by these pioneers?

Ritsumeikan is a place where you have the freedom to create your future.
Here, a diverse array of players engages in co-creation and
generate breakthroughs to solve the issues facing society.
The real and the virtual converge,
and new challenges that transcend national boundaries—and
even span the entire globe—are set in motion.
Even the smallest of ideas can lead to the first step
toward changing society for the better.

“Believe in the future, and live for the future.”
Only those with this conviction in mind can
have a lasting impact on the world.
The challenge of changing our future starts today.

In 2025, Ritsumeikan will celebrate
the 125th anniversary
of the founding of the Academy.


The Ritsumeikan Trust

The Ritsumeikan Trust
Tomomi MorishimaChairperson of the Board of Trustees
The Ritsumeikan Trust
Yoshio NakataniChancellor


In 1900, Kinmochi Saionji’s secretary Kojuro Nakagawa opened the Kyoto Hosei School, the predecessor of Ritsumeikan University, in Sekiro, a ryotei restaurant located in Sanbongi on the west bank of the Kamo River. Next year will mark 125 years since this private academy, which targeted working students with a desire to learn, was founded. The world currently faces many complicated issues, including wars and conflicts, environmental issues, energy problems, declining birthrates and aging populations. Precisely because we live in such unpredictable and uncertain times, it is important to demonstrate a commitment to the future and to continue undertaking new challenges without the fear of failure.