Koji Amano

Dean of College of
Gastronomy Management

The Unique Graduates Who “Have Learned Through Everything About Food” are Ready to Go Out into the World

The College of Gastronomy Management is a comprehensive research platform for gastronomy and the first of its kind in Japan. We examine gastronomy through various viewpoints such as the natural ecosystem as the origin of food components, the history and geography of humanity, and the global economy that backs up food businesses. We also study the common understanding of nutrition and health provided by food products as well as the feelings of fulfillment brought about by the deliciousness of food.

The College was launched to master the gastronomic arts and sciences from multiple angles while combining three academic disciplines (i.e., areas): economics and business administration as a foundational social science (management area), humanities (culture area), and parts of natural science (technology area). The origin of all academic pursuits within the College is the curiosity to uncover the various stories behind food captured in the phrase “Savor the World.”

Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, a French lawyer and politician who lived during the 18th and 19th centuries, also known as a huge food connoisseur, stated that we could discern not only individuals but also states and nations from what people eat. He defined gastronomy as a systematic theorization of all knowledge about humans as beings that eat.

The term “management” means “business management” or “organizational management” in the business world, but gastronomy management can be understood as “contributing to society by broadly collaborating with a wide variety of people in the important business of food.” It is not limited to management as a “service” of food supply and consumption; it includes the concept of food design that considers the material characteristics of food products such as color, shape and taste, ingenuity in presenting and selling food, and the creation of a narrative. Integrated management of new food business models leads to the new concept of “Savor the World.”

In this respect, gastronomy management studies do not solely consist of the information acquired from literature and statistical data. Experiences on-site and wide-ranging fieldwork at home and abroad are key learning aspects. The College’s curriculum is characterized by an active learning cycle in which students experience communication and collaboration between people, take action and share their thoughts in order to problem-solve, all while connecting food-related academic disciplines. High-level managerial skills are fostered through stimulating class discussions on real-life issues surrounding food facilitated by a variety of invited lecturers who play active roles in the food business world. In addition, these skills are developed through project-based learning courses that provide training to improve students’ ability to proactively take practical actions while offering experiences at domestic and overseas food industry sites.

Future career paths where students can make use of what they have learned at the College are not limited to food industries. Students will improve their management skills, further their understanding of humanity and different cultures, gain a sense of multicultural coexistence, and proactively take on new challenges to meet the needs of society. The growing world in which they utilize the strength gained from having a comprehensive knowledge of gastronomy, as well as the advanced managerial skills refined through their studies, offers immense possibilities.

The College’s greatest asset is the extremely rich diversity of environments in which to explore gastronomy. We take pride in the nearly unbelievable variety of academic disciplines covered by our faculty members, and are confident in the equally unbelievable diversity of student learning orientations and future prospects. As the unique graduates who “have learned through everything about food,” the experience and confidence our students gain from “learning through everything” will definitely be utilized in various fields. The College of Gastronomy Management is in the position of realizing the value of learning through everything, which leads to improving students’ management abilities in connecting various people across numerous fields, thus bringing about a learning style never seen before.

Koji Amano Dean of College of Gastronomy Management Ritsumeikan University