Transfer Equivalency List from ANU to RU

The following equivalency table indicates how the Australian National University (ANU) courses will transfer to Ritsumeikan University (RU) and fulfill GLA’s program requirements. Course transfer from RU to ANU to fulfill ANU’s program requirements will be determined by ANU. Contact the ANU Program Convenor for details (

  • Students must earn a grade of either HD, D, CR, P, or PS in ANU courses to transfer them to RU.
  • The following equivalency table reflects information currently available at GLA. Students who would like to take ANU courses unlisted on the equivalency table must contact the Academic Advising Center for the course evaluation PRIOR TO registering for the courses in question.
  • Courses taken at an institution other than ANU (e.g., RU’s study abroad programs) will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Students must contact the Academic Advising Center for details.

Transfer Equivalency Table

Essentials of Global Liberal Arts
Cosmopolitan Studies
Civilization Studies
Innovation Studies
Japanese Studies Cluster
Language Studies
Course No. Title Course No. Title Credits Equivalent Course Enrollment at RU* Subject Group
Introduction to International Security Studies** CGL19ES2091E Global Conflicts: An Introduction 4
Understanding Peace and Conflict** CGL19ES2092E Globalization and International Relations: An Introduction 4
The Origins of Political Order in Asia CGL19ES2093E Introduction to Asian Studies 4
Pacific Encounters: An Introduction to Pacific Studies
ASIA2006 Gender in Korean History [Effective Fall 2023] CGL19CO3191E Asia and the World in Historical Perspective 4 CO
ASIA2009 The Making of Modern Japan: From Samurai to Economic Superpower and Beyond [Effective Spring 2022]
ASIA2037 History of Modern China
ASIA2040 The Making of Modern Korea [Effective Spring 2021]
ASIA2041 Mainland Southeast Asia: Colonial and Postcolonial Predicaments
ASIA2067 Asian Economies (Previously “Economies of Emerging Asia” until 2021)
ASIA2222 Taiwanese Society and Politics [Effective Fall 2023]
ASIA2271 The Making of South Asia
ASIA2301 Human Migration and Expansion in the Rise of the Asia-Pacific
ASIA2307 History of Empire in Asia
ASIA2366 Foundations of Chinese Culture [Effective Fall 2023]
ASIA3029 Reconciliation and the Memory of Conflict in Asia [Effective Spring 2022]
WARS2004 War in the Islands: The Second World War in the Pacific
ASIA2054 Chinese Philosophy: Creation and Development [Effective Spring 2022] CGL19CO3196    E Regional Diversity in Cultural Perspective 4
ASIA2074 Popular Culture in East Asia [Effective Fall 2020]
ASIA2099 Social Power in China: Family and Connections (Previously "Foundations of Chinese Society: Friends, Family, Connections" until 2023)
ASIA2116 India’s Culture Wars [Effective Fall 2022]
ASIA2165 Islam in Southeast Asia
ASIA2302 Culture and Modernity in Asia: Anthropological Perspectives
ASIA2304 What is Literature? Asian Perspectives
ASIA2308 Linguistic Histories in Asia and the Pacific
ASIA2747 Airlines in Asia and the Pacific: Histories, Technologies, Cultures, and Geographies [Effective Fall 2023]
ASIA2311 Gender and Cultural Studies in Asia and the Pacific [Effective Spring 2021]
PASI2001 Pacific Studies in a Globalizing World
ASIA3032 Digital Asia: Technology and Society [Effective Spring 2022]
JPNS3006 Advanced Japanese: Language in Context
JPNS3008 Advanced Japanese: Readings in Literature
JPNS3012 Teaching Japanese: Content
PASI2002 Australia in Oceania in 19th and 20th centuries
PASI3002 Gender and Sexuality in the Pacific [Effective Spring 2021]
ASIA2026 The Politics of China CGL19CI3291E Comparative Politics in Asia 4 CI
ASIA2045 Lies, Conspiracy and Propaganda
ASIA2065 Asia’s Changing Politics in Comparative Perspective (Previously “Asian Politics: From Concepts to Causes” until 2021)
ASIA2070 Democracy in Southeast Asia
ASIA2096 North Korea: History, Culture, Politics [Effective Fall 2023]
ASIA2109 Violence, Poverty, and Politics in India
ASIA2516 Indonesia: Politics, Society and Development
POLS2055 Pacific Politics
ASIA1035 Introduction to Asian Politics
ANTH2134 States and Citizens: Anthropological Perspectives [Effective Spring 2024]
ASIA2111 Indonesian Foreign and Security Policy CGL19CI3293E International Relations in the Asia-Pacific 4
ASIA2017 History of International Relations in Northeast Asia
ASIA 3021 Engaging Asia: Australia and the Asian Century [Effective Fall 2020]
DIPL2001 The Role of Non-State Actors in Asia-Pacific Diplomacy [Effective Spring 2022]
INTR2010 International Relations in the Asia-Pacific
INTR2012 Chinese Foreign and Security Policy
INTR2014 Indian Foreign and Security Policy
INTR2016 US Foreign and Security Policy in Asia
INTR2028 Regionalism, Rights, and Order in Southeast Asia
POLS2136 Power and Influence in World Politics
ASIA2060 Southeast Asian Security [Effective Spring 2022] CGL19CI3295E War and Peace in the Globalizing World 4
INTR1022 Peacebldg and Cnflct Resolution
INTR2020 (In)Stability on the Korean Peninsula
INTR2024 Nuclear Politics in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities
WARS2001 Theories of War: An Historical and global perspective
WARS2002 The Vietnam Wars: 1941-1989
The Korean War [Effective Spring 2021]
STST2001 Security Concepts in the Asia-Pacific
STST2124 Politics of Nuclear Weapons
STST2131 Security Communities: From War to Peace
STST3003 Honeypots and Overcoats: Australian Intelligence in the World [Effective Spring 2022]
ASIA2081 Human Rights in Asia CGL19IN3391E Human Security in Developing Societies 4 IN
ASIA2087 Peace Building in the Pacific and Asia
ASIA2093 Natural Resource Conflicts in Asia and the Pacific
GEND2021 Trauma, Memory, and Culture
INTR2047 Human Security: Conflict, Displacement and Peace Building
Environment and Development in the Pacific
POLS2101 Refugee Politics: Displacement and Exclusion in the 20th and 21st Centuries
POLS2123 Peace and Conflict Studies
STST2003 Australia and Security in the Pacific Islands [Effective Spring 2022]
DIPL2000** Leadership and Diplomacy** CGL19IN3399E Leadership in Global Perspective 4
ANIP3003 Australian National Internships Program A GLA1282 Internship 2 (2 credits x 2 = 4 credits) 4 (2 x 2)
SCOM2006 Science and Humour LAST 2000 Special Lecture (Science and Technology) 4
JPNS2012 Japanese 3 CGL19JA2911J Japanese Language and Culture I 4 JA
JPNS3001 Japanese 5
JPNS2013 Japanese 4 CGL19JA2961J Japanese Language and Culture II 4
JPNS3002 Japanese 6
INTR2018 Japanese Foreign and Security Policy CGL19JA3591E Politics and Foreign Relations of Japan 4
ASIA2031 Japanese Politics
ASIA3027 Issues in Japanese Policy in Their Global Context
JPNS1012** Japanese 1-Spoken** CGL19LA1911J Japanese Language I 2
JPNS1014** Japanese 1-Written** CGL19LA1912J Japanese Language II 2
JPNS2003** Japanese 2-Spoken** CGL19LA1913J Japanese Language III 2
JPNS2005** Japanese 2-Written** CGL19LA1914J Japanese Language IV 2
Humanitarianism: Principles, Politics and Practice** CGL19CA4091E Capstone Studies in Normative Perspective to Globalization 4
Australia’s Security in the Asian Century** CGL19CA4092E Capstone Studies in Geohistorical Perspective to Globalization 4
Politics and Development in the Contemporary Pacific**
(The Contemporary Pacific: Society, Politics and Development)
CGL19CA4093E Capstone Studies in Development and Social Change 4
Global Governance in the Asia-Pacific** CGL19CA4094E Capstone Studies in Governance Studies 4

〇 : Students who would like to register for these RU courses after earning credits for the corresponding ANU courses must obtain an academic advisor’s approval.
** : Students cannot receive credits for these ANU courses if they have already earned credits for the corresponding RU courses.